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Would you like to have Work-Life Balance, Inner Peace and True Happiness?

Mindfulness for Inner Peace, True Happiness and Work-Life Balance.

Join me for The Art of Mindful Living  & The Art of Mindful Travel online live one-to-one coaching for creating a daily habit of mindfulness to boost your well-being.

My coaching offers quick, simple practices to add moments of mindfulness into your daily life – allowing you to tune into your surroundings for greater calm, fulfilment and joy.

My goal is to offer simple yet powerful practices and tools that are tailored to your personal needs through live online one-to-one sessions. After a free 30-minute online consultation, I will form a unique coaching plan based on your personal goals. 

Coaching is available through live online one-to-one sessions via Skype Video, Messenger Video and WhatsApp Video.  Teaching is not based on a pre-recorded video or audio lessons; every class is live and each session is tailor-made after assessing your progress.

Online coaching is offered in 4, 6 or 8 session formats, weekly one or two classes. A 90-minute one-off session is also available. Contact to schedule an online complimentary consultation with no obligation. 

Learn Meditation, Mindfulness and Conscious Living from the comfort of your home at a time suitable for you. Online classes can be organized in the early morning, during the day or in the evening on weekdays and weekends. 

I invite you to join this unique online live one-to-one coaching to achieve Inner Peace, True Happiness and Work-Life Balance.

You can read more than 170 past course participant’s comments from around the world in  Tripadvisor 

Send an email to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Money-back guarantee:  If you attend any of my courses and you are not satisfied with my service or feel you haven’t got any benefit from the course I will refund you 100% of the course fee.

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  1. Ana Isabel Almeida - 20/07/2019 at 10:41 PM Reply

    Estando a passar por uma fase complexa na minha vida descobri Matagi Mundax ao pesquisar Mindfullness sites na internet. Não tendo atualmente o seu centro de meditação na India e vivendo em Portugal, a solução encontrada foi a utilização de curso online através do Skype.
    Tem sido uma experiência muito positiva e ajuda importante, na vivência em consciência plena no momento presente (sem a perturbação dos pensamentos do passado ou do futuro) e como atingir o equilíbrio emocional na nossa vida e a paz interior , com diversos exercícios que vamos praticando ao longo do dia, segundo orientação dada pelo Mathew nas nossas sessões semanais via Skype. Um contributo para a nossa saúde mental

  2. Henry Warren - 21/07/2019 at 3:35 AM Reply

    My wife and I have been following Mathew’s online Mindfulness course for the last two
    months and we both feel our lives have been enhanced from our weekly hourly class with
    Before starting Mathew’s course I had been practicing mindfulness for some years – the
    knowledge coming from a pre-recorded online video course and books on the subject.
    However, after some initial progress I felt I was getting stuck and that I needed face to face
    contact with a teacher that I could directly communicate with. As there were no mindfulness
    teachers where I live In Portugal, I contacted Mathew. My wife and I were a bit hesitant at
    first, but after our initial session we took an immediately liking to him and the way he
    communicated with us.
    I feel I am now making progress and my wife and I believe we are leading more mindful
    and wholesome lives. It would be indeed wonderful to fully realize that there is a oneness,
    that we are all one and that we all come from the same source. I am not there yet, but there
    are moments when it all seems to come together and I feel one with what is around and
    within me.
    What I particularly like is that Mathew constantly reminds us that mindfulness or
    consciousness is not something that is confined to the meditation mat, but a way of being
    that we should try to incorporate into our daily life and routine – to be present, to be in the
    here and now in whatever we do.
    When I was travelling in India as a young man I tried a number of yoga and meditation
    techniques and visited a number of Ashrams, but never felt comfortable with the religious
    side, the concept of reincarnation or the idea of having all knowing guru as a teacher.
    Mathew is not like that. He is knowledgeable yes, but he is not trying to be a guru. He is
    more like a wise brother and a friend. My wife and I feel very relaxed in his company – on
    the internet it is almost like he is in the room with us. What impresses me most is his
    sincerity, his honesty and his desire to guide us in the way he believes suits us best. This is
    no formulaic course. He Understands that each student is different and what works for one,
    may not work for another. We very much feel that we are individuals and that Mathew talks
    to us as such.
    We finished our two month course just over a week ago, but have decided to continue with
    a session every two weeks and then to a session every month to maintain our contact with
    Mathew and to continue our journey wherever it may take us.

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