Free Audio Mindfulness Meditations

Matagi Mundax – Mindfulness Meditations

  • Sensory Awareness Meditation (SAM) 10 Minutes.
  • Body Awareness Meditations (BAM) 10 Minutes.
Sensory Awareness Meditation (SAM)  – 10 minutes

Body Awareness Meditation (BAM) 10 Minutes

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Join me for The Art of Mindful Living online live one-to-one coaching for creating a daily habit of mindfulness to boost your well-being.

My coaching offers quick, simple practices to add moments of mindfulness into your daily life – allowing you to tune into your surroundings for greater calm, fulfilment and joy.

My goal is to offer simple yet powerful practices and tools that are tailored to your personal needs. A private online live one-to-one coaching session is a powerful and focused experience. After a free 30-minute online consultation, I will design a custom-made coaching program for you based on your personal goals. 

Coaching is available through live online one-to-one sessions via Skype Video, Messenger Video and WhatsApp Video.  Teaching is not based on a pre-recorded video or audio lessons; every class is live and each session is tailor-made after assessing your progress.

Online coaching is offered in 4, 6 or 8 session formats, weekly one or two classes. A 90-minute one-off session is also available. Contact to schedule an online complimentary consultation with no obligation. 

Learn Meditation, Mindfulness and Conscious Living from the comfort of your home at a time suitable for you. Online classes can be organized in the early morning, during the day or in the evening on weekdays and weekends. 

I invite you to join this unique online live one-to-one coaching to achieve Inner Peace, True Happiness and Work-Life Balance.

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