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Mathew Plappally: I have been practising mindfulness and meditation for over 30 years. I completed the 8-week MBSR course and studied mindfulness under the guidance of renowned monks in the Mahabodhi Meditation centre in Ladakh and Tushitha Mediation centre in Dharamsala both located in the Himalayan region of India. I am also a certified Mindful Yoga teacher.

My wife Aggie and I taught the wisdom of mindfulness meditation, mindful yoga and non-dual spirituality for ten years in our Homestay Retreat in Kerala, India and conducted workshops in Europe. Please, visit the Kerala Retreat website to know more about our work in India and the Facebook page to read about our work in New Zealand and Europe. Our retreat participant’s comments from all around the world are available on the Tripadvisor page.

I have worked for 12 years in the IT/Finance industry in Auckland and have the first-hand experience of stress in the workplace. Through Matagi Mundax Mindfulness programmes I give tools to cope with stress and to achieve work-life balance.

I am a cancer survivor. I went through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery as part of my treatment. Mindfulness and Meditation practice helped me to cope with stress and pain during this challenging period of time. I use my own experience to help people with serious illness to walk through their healing journey.

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Phone: 021 0838 9653

Address: 45 The Track, Takanini, Auckland 2112

Email: matagimundax@gmail.com