Mindful At Work

Mindfulness in the Workplace – Auckland

Mindfulness workshops, courses, regular meditation sessions and one-to-one mindfulness coaching to employees in high-stress roles in the workplace.

Matagi Mundax programmes explore key mindfulness qualities and how they relate to important workplace skills, such as productivity, innovation, presence, emotional regulation, reasoning and communication, all of which are vital skills for thriving at work and succeed.

By exploring these topics from the viewpoint of the work environment, participants will gain an understanding of how to apply mindfulness to succeed on the job.

Key benefits of mindfulness at work:

  • Skilful response to stress, rather than being reactive
  • Increase performance and productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism and burnout
  • Cultivate greater innovation and creativity
  • Increase the ability to stay in the “flow” while working
  • Strengthen the skill to focus and learn
  • Enhance communication and teamwork
  • A culture of connectedness and stronger relationships between employees
  • Enhance brainpower, memory, and cognitive recall
  • Reduce symptoms of burnout in employees

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